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We prevent dirt
Gentus are specialised in solutions for shoe-, sole- and tire cleaning. The purpose of our products is above all to prevent transportation of dirt from one area to another. Among our customers you can find industries, offices, hotels, public authorities and private customers. We value a close co-operation with our clients in order to always find the best solution.

Focus gives us knowledge
Since we have a very strong focus on shoe- and sole cleaning, we also have a very high knowledge in these areas. The requirements from our customers are very different, and it is important for us to offer a complete assortment within our niche in order to always offer the best solution for each and every project.

Our core values are functionality, quality and service
Functionality means that our products should meet or exceed our customers' expectations regarding the task each product should carry out.

Quality means that that it should be possible to use our products for a long time without disturbances and with a minimum of maintenance. Quality also means that we work according to standardised procedures in order to minimise errors in our processes.

Service means that our customers always should feel comfortable and well informed in the whole process from the first inquiry until the final delivery is done.   

We started 2007
Gentus AB started its activities in 2007. In 2010, we took a strategic decision to broaden our offer and include also products for shoe-, sole- and tire cleaning as well as products for drying shoes and boots. Our assortment for tire cleaning can be found on Gentus AB is a private family business with head quarters in Hovås, just south of Gothenburg, on the west coast in Sweden.

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