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All our shoe polish machines are delivered ready to use. This means that polish is included in the shipment at no additional cost, and all machines are delivered with plug according to the country of destination (except Comfort Clean and Easy Comfort that are supplied with a standard German plug).

Shoe polish machine assortment

Cosmo shoe polish machine
Cosmo shoe shine machine has convincing style, functionality and compactness.
Easy Comfort shoe polish machine
Easy Comfort brings professional shoe shine service into every home. Small, light and user...
Elégance Leather shoe shine machine
A new variant is our Elégance Leather model in black with real leather coating on the top.
Cosmo Plus shoe polish machine
The Cosmo Plus is an enhanced version of the
Polifix 2 shoe polish machine
The Polifix 2 version is a heavy and solid machine, which is very popular as a model for hotel...
Polifix 2 Plus shoe polish machine
The Polifix 2 plus version is a heavy and solid machine, which is very popular as a model for...
Elégance Couleur shoe shine machine
Compact, powerful and adaptable – these are the persuasive arguments of the Elégance Couleur.
Elégance Nature shoe shine machine
Elégance Nature comes with a high class wooden case. Its elegant and high-class wooden case...
Elégance Couleur Plus shoe shine machine
The dimension of the Elégance series changes a bit with the Elégance Couleur plus.
Elégance Nature Plus shoe shine machine
The Elégance Nature models have the same design as our Elégance Couleur series but are made from...
Ronda 30 Standard shoe shine machine
Ronda 30 Standard presents itself as a real classic among shoe shine machines.
Ellipse shoe shine machine
With its extravagant and eye-catching form the Ellipse turns into a design highlight in your...
Quadro shoe shine machine
The model Quadro is also inspired by the classic column shape and represents itself as an...
Beem shoe polish machine
This article is discontinued.
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