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Choosing a shoe shine machine (or shoe polish machine as some people call it) is actually quite easy, it is all about personal preferences. And there is no must about your choice, but still we give you below some general advice in order to guide you to your right decision. We also value a close contact with our customers, so you are always welcome to contact us to discuss which model that will suite your needs.

But why a shoe shine machine at all?
Good questions! The most obvious answer is that you want your shoes to shine. But there are also other advantages.

  • You will offer a well appreciated service to customers, guests and staff
  • Your shoes will last longer, since the polish protects and impregnates your shoes
  • You will get better comfort since your shoes will stand moisture better
  • Shoes well taken care of is a detail affecting your appearance

Is it not only men wearing a grey suite...?
People usually think of a man in a grey suite as the typical user of a shoe shine machine. However, also women will benefit from polishing their leather boots, especially in the wintertime when a white stripe often appears at the tip and sides of the boots. Suede shoes will be freshened up after a battle with the coarse brush in the middle. A pair of well polished shoes also gives a good impression even if your dressing is casual. Professions that appreciate a shoe shine machine are for instance office staff, accountants, lawyers, bus- and taxi drivers, policemen or military staff.

What does a good shoe shine machine look like?
A good shoe shine machine comes with three brushes. First you need a coarse brush to brush off dry dirt, to brush the heel or to use with suede shoes. Then you need two polishing brushes, one for light shoes and one for dark shoes. The machine should also be equipped with a shoe polish dispenser. There should also be a rubber matt to collect the dirt.

Should the machine have an automatic shut off function?
If the machine is used domestically only, it is ok to have manual shut off (on/off button). However, if the machine is used by guests or visitors, or if it is standing in a public place, it should be equipped with an automatic shut off function. If not, there is a risk that temporary guests will forget to push the off-button, a problem you will not face with an automatic shut off function. All our models come with an automatic shut off function, except Comfort Clean and Easy Comfort that have manual shut off (on/off button).

Should the machine have a bar or handle?
Machines for domestic use do usually not have a handle, whereas machines for public use usually have a handle or bar to hold on to. On some models, the start and stop function lies in the touch of the handle.

How should I think about design and coulour? 
In the old days, shoe shine machines where actually machines, often placed far away in a hotel corridor where nobody could find them. Our shoe shine machines are all made keeping design, colour and user friendliness in mind. You should chose a machine according to your personal preferences, and also considering that it should go well with your interior in general. If you want a visitor to lift his or her eye brows, then Cosmo Plus is a good choice. If you instead want the visitor to say: "WOW! What an awesome shoe shine machine!" Then Poliswing, Quadro or Ellipse will be the machine of your choice.

Do I need to make any kind of maintenance?
Our shoe shine machines are more or less maintenance free. The only thing you need to consider is to fill up polish and clean the brushes every now and then. If the machine is getting untidy, you can replace the brushes and the rubber mat under the brushes.   

And what about the quality?
Our shoe shine machines are top of the line products, and they often last for decades. If something still should break, we guarantee spare part availability for 25 years after you got your machine (not valid for Comfort Clean or Easy Comfort). 

What model is suitable for a private person?
For domestic usage, the machine should not be too big. For the home user, there is no need for an automatic shut off function, a model with an on/off button will work well. The frequency of usage is also limited for domestic users, so plain models will do well. The budget is usually limiting the range of models for the domestic user. Shoe shine machines in a suitable size for home usage are:

  • Comfort Clean
  • Easy Comfort
  • Cosmo
  • Elegance series (not Elegance Plus)

What is suitable for an office?
For offices, you should consider if you need automatic shut off function or not. It is also important that the machine will match the interior with regard to design and colour. Perhaps you do not want it to stand out at all, or maybe you want your shoe shine machine to be an eye catcher in the interior. Models often used in offices are:     

  • Cosmo or Cosmo Plus
  • Polifix 2
  • Elegance series
  • Easy Comfort

What is suitable for a hotel or public buildings?
Hotels and public buildings are often spacious, so the shoe shine machine should not be too small. The machine should be equipped with an automatic shut off function. In these environments, you often dare more when it comes to design and colours. Usage is often frequent, and a stable model should be used. Suitable models for hotels and public buildings are:

  • Polifix 2
  • Cosmo or Cosmo Plus
  • Elegance series
  • Ellipse
  • Quadro
  • Poliswing
  • Ronda series

What machine is suitable for the police, military or other uniform occupations?
For the police or military, the shoes are usually heavier, and there is also a need to polish boots. The shoe shine machine should have large brushes and space enough for boots. Sometimes the polish dispenser is filled with black polish, and the machine will then be used for black shoes only. Suitable machines should be:

  • Polifix 2 (preferred)
  • Politec Solar (preferred)
  • Ronda series
  • Cosmo Plus

And for footwear cleaning at the stable?
For the stable, you could use Politec Solar to clean and polish your footwear. The machine is mounted on the wall, slightly higher than usual.

What about the golf course?
When entering the club house, you sometimes need to brush your soles off. Solamat 90 would be a suitable machine. If you also want to brush off the tip of your shoes then Solamat 100 would be the machine of your choice.

Good luck with your shoe shine machine purchase.      

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